Meal plan, Weeks 44-45 2016

I am running behind with this blog, my apologies. Work, kids, life, Christmas, more work have all got the better of me and I will not reach 365 days by the end of the year. Oh well. My main goal in starting this blog was to get into a habit of writing regularly, and I am happy to have done this. I have also become a better cook, but sadly have not become a better photographer.

Week 44, November 5-11 2016

Saturday: Vietnamese Soup (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)

Sunday: Beef and red lentil curry, Fish curry, Green lentil and kale dal (vegan), brown rice

Monday: Vegetarian pasta with salad

Tuesday: Vegan white bean soup

Wednesday: Haloumi burgers (vegetarian)

Thursday: Herb and garlic pasta (vegetarian)

Friday: Out for dinner

Week 45, November 12-18 2016

Saturday: Spaghetti bolognese (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and tabouli

Sunday: Birthday party leftovers

Monday: Vegetable curry (vegetarian) and rice

Tuesday: Vegetable curry (vegetarian) and rice

Wednesday: Red beans and rice

Thursday: Quesadillas

Friday: Quesadillas


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