Meal plan, Weeks 46-48 2016

As 2016 drew to a close, we all panicked about the Trumpocalypse and our Christmas shopping at the same time (realising that the human brain is not ready to cope with that level of cognitive dissonance), and as parents the country over girded their loins to deal with the multi-tasking that is the end of year Christmas concert/impending family get togethers/work Christmas shows, so too did my meal planning become more and more simple in an attempt to cope – as you will see.

All I can say is thank goodness for kids that are overall not too picky, a husband that can also cook, and a deep freezer.

Week 46, November 19-25

Saturday: Homemade pizzas and tabouli

Sunday: Roast chicken and vegetables (non vegetarian), fuggets and vegetables (vegetarian)

Monday: Quesadillas (vego and non-vego)

Tuesday: Quesadillas (vego and non-vego)

Wednesday Worst Day: Chicken and kale pasta (non-vegetarian), pasta Napoli (vegetarian)

Thursday: Mac & Cheese (Vegetarian)

Friday: Freezer fun – Beef curry, vegetable curry, rice

Week 47, November 26-December 2

Saturday: BLTs

Sunday: Salami and Green Olive Spaghetti with Beetroot Leaves

Monday: Dinner at my Parents’ (bless ’em)

Tuesday: Takeaway night

Wednesday Worst Day: Mac & Cheese

Thursday: Honey soy chicken and fried rice

Friday: Vegetarian Pasta

Week 48, December 3-9

Saturday: Freezer deep dive night

Sunday: Dinner out

Monday: Vegetarian pasta

Tuesday: Tacos – Vegetarian white bean and kale chilli, Turkey and kale chilli

Wednesday Worst Day: Quick dinner (School Concert Night) – Fuggets, chips and salad

Thursday: Kale and burghal burgers with salad (vegetarian)

Friday: Bolognese pasta and vegetarian bolognese with salad


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