Day 341, December 6th 2016 Part II

Black and White Chilli

Sorry all eleven of my readers – it’s been really busy with the return to work, return to school, and several projects on the go for work.

I will finish up the 365 days that were 2016 over the next couple of weeks and I hope that it was interesting and useful. It was interesting and useful for me, but due to work and family commitments I am planning to finish the blog once I have finished off these last couple of recipes from 2016. Thanks for reading it!

I invented this vegan chilli when making a big batch of chilli to put in the freezer for dinner. I also made a turkey and kale chilli at the same time.

I have to say though that I preferred this chilli. This is probably my personal preference; I have found that the more vegetarian food I have been cooking for my daughter, the more I prefer it to meat dishes. This is to the chagrin of the Resolute Omnivore, who is having to put up with more and more vegetarian dinners.

This is called ‘Black and White Chilli’ because I used black beans and white beans. As I made it, I was thinking of the Seinfeld episode with the Black’n’White cookie (the episode when they had to stop off at the bakery to buy a Babka to take to a dinner party). Look to the cookie, people. And to the chilli.

Image result for look to the cookie

These are the random thoughts I have when cooking – probs best I stop writing this blog…


2 tablespoons rice bran oil – 6 cents

3 spring onions – free

2 cloves garlic – free

1 carrot, finely sliced – 10 cents

1 small sweet potato, peeled and chopped – 50 cents

1 can diced tomatoes – $1

2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed – $2

1 can black-eyed beans or cannelini beans – $1

5 cups vegetable stock – free

2 teaspoons fresh thyme – free

3/4 teaspoons chilli powder – 7.5 cents

3/4 teaspoons paprika – 7.5 cents

1 large bunch fresh kale, shredded – free*

Heat the oil in a large pot. Cook the onion, garlic, fresh thyme, carrot, and sweet potato on low heat until the vegetables are soft.

Add the drained beans.

Sprinkle the beans with the spices. Stir well and cook for another two minutes.

Pour the tomatoes and stock over the beans and vegetables.

Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat.

Cook until the vegetables are soft and the liquid has reduced. Add the kale and cook until the kale has wilted.

Season to taste with salt.

Serve hot over rice, with guacamole, hot sauce and other burrito bowl fixings, or in tacos or other Tex-Mex delights.

This is vegan unless you eat it with cheese and sour cream as we do.

Total cost: $4.81

Per person (serves 10): 48 cents


*There’s a lot of ‘free’ in this recipe because our garden is ‘paying out’ – every week we have a ton of fresh herbs, onions, greens. Now that it is Summer, we have tomatoes, chillies, herbs, strawberries and we are hoping soon to have a lot of zucchinis, capsicum and eggplant.



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